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Cow comfort is increasingly drawing more attention within and outside of the industry. The advantages are evident both from a public point of view and also an economic reality. Cow mattress systems offer many advantages when considering total farm design, whether that’s flexibility in bedding types, manure handling, or cow hygiene. Our sales specialists are available to help review the options, so you can make the best decision for your farm. Providing an exceptional quality bedding system is a key component to the long-term success of your dairy operation. At Norbco we believe “Cow health equals Farmer wealth.”

Sofmat® System
Durable matting that puts cow comfort first

The Sofmat® system, developed specifically for cattle beds, consists of a super soft Duracushion underlayment, providing a new level of cow comfort. The Sofmat system offers dairy producers an alternative to the maintenance and health challenges of sand bedding or manure solids.

Benefits of the Sofmat® system: • Soft material for cow comfort • Unbeatable traction • Surface provides longevity • Ease of installation

GS33 and GS20 Bedding Systems
High quality rubber matting

The GS Series is a thick, rubber bedding system that provides the ideal comfort for cows lying down without a foam mattress. The rubber matting contains various stud sizes that support the cow when resting, and the non-slip hammer-top texture on the surface is non-abrasive and provides grip when the cow is lying down or standing up.

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