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Providing an optimal environment inside the barn is the goal of every dairy farm, and Norbco has the products to help attain that goal.  Proper barn ventilation allows animals to perform at their peak no matter the season.  We offer fans designed for a variety of applications such as Cross Ventilation, Tunnel Ventilation and Forced Air Ventilation.  At Norbco we understand that one size does not fit all, contact our sales specialist to customize a solution that fits you.

Exhaust Systems
Jet Stream 60” Ventilation Fan

High volume, efficient, durable and designed for extreme ventilation applications

The Jet Stream 60’’ fan is designed for all types of tunnel and cross ventilated dairy barns. This fan is extremely rugged and features unique cast aluminum blades, along with aerodynamic fiberglass housing. Recommended for rough opening of 68 1 / 2’’ .

LCS Controls

Livestock Comfort System

Optimize dairy barn ventilation for animal comfort and energy savings

The Livestock Comfort System keeps your barn at the perfect conditions for cow comfort and energy savings: • All-in-one ventilation management solution • Monitor environmental conditions inside and outside • Maximize energy savings and cow comfort

No matter the weather outside, the Livestock Comfort System keeps cows comfortable inside
The customizable system goes beyond fans to automatically manage your sprinkler, curtain and lighting systems. With easy management, simply set it and forget it.

Edstrom Cooling Systems
Complete soaker systems to keep cows cool

It doesn’t have to be 110°F for heat stress to occur in dairy cows. Studies have found that dairy cows will begin to reduce feed intake and lose body weight at temperatures as low as 79°F. Milk production, reproductive performance and health are all affected. Heat stress affects performance even in seemingly cooler months, as cows struggle to rebound from complications such as rumen acidosis. High yielding cows are most susceptible to heat stress. All of this quickly impacts your profits!

Coarse Droplet Soaker Nozzle

Intermittent Shower Cooling Systems

Cool SenseTM Motion Cooling System

NCF 52” Panel Fan

Heavy duty, extremely efficient fan for quiet dairy barn ventilation

Your best option for performance and efficiency
NCF 52″ six-blade panel fan NCF 52” six-blade belt drive panel fans — quiet and extremely durable operation. NCF 52” fans meet efficiency requirements — for almost all electric utility rebate programs, saving you even more money! High capacity fan — fan placement up to 50 ft. apart with air speed of 5 to 8 mph. Built for longevity — galvanized frame and venturi, heavy–gauge powder coated steel blades with a cast aluminum pulley. Rotary belt tensioner — requires less maintenance and extends belt life.

EvolutionXC Fans

Energy efficient ventilation

The EvolutionXC fans are available in two model sizes and two different blade options, giving dairies a variety of ventilation choices for their barns. The EvolutionXC 52” model has been tested and certified for energy efficiency and may qualify for energy rebate programs.

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