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Providing a wide range of feedline equipment that plays a key role in the day to day management of your herd.  Professional series Headlocks provide the ultimate of in-the-pen cow management, providing a stress-free environment for both the cow and the employee.  Additional options such as Slant Bar Panel or Feedrail provide a more economical option for those farms that have dedicated cow management areas outside of the pen.  Norbco has the feedline solutions to match the needs of your dairy.

HD Pro Headlocks
HD Pro Headlocks are the headlocks of choice to some of the largest dairies in the world.

HD Pro Headlocks feature the latest design improvement to further increase the efficiency of safely handling cattle, while creating less stress on the animals. They also improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations such as breeding, vaccination, and many other herd management tasks.

Slant Bar Feeder Panels
Economical feed line fencing

Slant Bar Feeder Panels are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and offer versatile mounting systems. They are designed to reduce feed waste, and are available in calf, heifer and cow sizes.

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