Gating Systems


Stress-free and efficient handling of animals as they are being guided in the barn is as important to the employee as the animal.  Whether it’s a high traffic area like transfer lanes or routing cows to maternity pens, Norbco provides customized gating solutions to meet your needs.  Animal friendly and easy to operate, Norbco gating solutions are designed to work as hard as you do.

Super Gate
Designed for durability and versatility in high density cattle areas

Long lasting, extremely durable gating

Durable construction — high-tensile strength galvanized tubing. • 2” square tubing — for the ends.

1 7 /8” or 1 5 /8” high-tensile strength galvanized tubing — for horizontal rails. • Custom built — to fit any opening with a variety of options

Reliable and Adjustable Hinge Systems

Versatile hinge system

Pipe clamp hinge

Weld stub

Strap hinge

Multi-fit hinge

Well-Built, Unique and User-Friendly Latches

Rugged Latch Stub

Double auto latch

Single auto latch

Chain latch

Rigid Center latch

Standard manpass

Tall manpass

Additional Options

Counter balance gate

Bifold gate

Portable gate mounting system

Super panel

Gutter Cover gate

Extendo Gate
Designed for durability and versatility in high density cattle areas         

Innovative, versatile design

Extendo gates are adjustable in length and will fit any opening you need securely closed — so there is no need for custom gating. These versatile and adjustable gates are offered in two configurations. Heavy duty and adjustable hinge systems provide precise leveling and longevity.

Extendo gates are built to last. Made of high-tensile strength galvanized tubing, 2” square tubing at the ends, and 1 1/2” or 1 5/8” high-tensile strength galvanized tubing for horizontal rails.

Gating for Automated Milking Systems
Solutions to help simplify cow routing and herd management

GEA Manual Lifting Gate

Create the ultimate in routing and selection convenience in your barn with the GEA Lifting Gate. It can provide the ideal temporary separation in areas with frequent traffic, without having to swing the gate through a closely packed group of cows.

GEA Super Gate

Designed for durability and versatility, the Super Gate is an excellent choice for high density cattle areas. A variety of configurations, hinges, latches, and options provide solutions to fit your individual barn layout and management style.

Well-Built, User-Friendly Latches

Uniquely Customizable

GEA Single-Pipe Barrier With Spring

Creates a temporary separation to guide groups of cows in areas with frequent traffic.

GEA One-Way Gate

Optimize your cow flow

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