Freestall Systems


When selecting a freestall system for your herd, balancing comfort and control are equally important.  Considerations such as herd type, stall surface, bedding type, and management of the beds all influence system selection and ultimately efficient use of stalls.  Norbco freestall systems are not just built to last, they are designed to perform.

Freestall Systems
Freestalls, mounting options and accessories for the ultimate in comfort, strength and versatility

A variety of stall designs and mounting systems — can be used with any type of bedding material. Unobstructed lunge space — excellent cow comfort that will increase stall usage. Available in various neck rail heights and stall lengths — for heifers up to mature cows.

Durable construction — strong, high tensile 2 3 /8” OD 10 gauge pre-galvanized tubing. Custom stall designs are available — we will accommodate your unique needs.

Mounting options

1. Single beam freestall mounting system

2. Horizontal channel mounting system

3. Wood post mounting system

4. Surface mounting system

5. Standpipe mounting system

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