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Optimizing the barn climate often begins at the sidewall. While protecting from the elements such as cold, wind, and rain, Norbco Sidewall Curtains are built to withstand the most challenging conditions. Our Keder tube system design allows a fully customizable installation to fit your application and optional fully automated controls continuously monitors the animals’ environment.

Autovent Curtain System
State-of-the-art ventilation for high sidewall dairy barns

Double roll-up System

Excellent system for connecting barns and ridge vents.

High plains system

Heavy-duty design for high wind applications.

Single roll-up system

The double roll-up curtain system features maximum air flow with minimum air restriction. Top curtains roll up and down for cold weather ventilation, and both curtains roll up for storage. Also, get complete automation with temperature sensors.

Slider Curtain System
Unique sidewall curtain for high sidewall dairy barns

Curtain can be completely closed — for protection during extreme cold weather. Top curtain slides up and down incrementally — the fabric never folds, extending fabric life. Can be manually or automatically operated — to fit the need of every dairy operation. Unique patented design — Patent No. 6,612,359.

Summer ventilation — wide open side wall for maximum airflow

Top curtain rolls to the top — securely stored under the eaves. Bottom curtain rolls to the middle — preventing damage from water and rodents. Fabric rolls onto Keder tube — the fabric never folds, extending fabric life. Bottom curtain anchors to vertical posts — no center framing is necessary. Heavy duty 15 oz. translucent vinyl reinforced fabric — provides extreme durability and allows 80% of sunlight into the barn.

Single Slider System

Economical option for smaller openings

Single slider curtain fabric — can be up to 8 ft. maximum height.

Slides down from top — for winter ventilation.

Rolls up from bottom to top — for summer ventilation.

Uses same controller as the standard slider system — fitting a wide variety of needs.

DS8 Climate Controller

Regulate your barn environment 24/7 for the ultimate in cow comfort

The DS8 Climate Controller not only provides automated curtain operation, but it also features ventilation support to ensure your cows are housed in the best possible environment — day or night. Curtains open and close automatically based on weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind and rain. In addition, the DS8 Climate Controller can be used to turn barn fans and foggers on or off.

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